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Shutter (2004) – English Review

On the way home after a reunion party, Tun and his girlfriend hits a woman while driving a car. They panic and leave the woman lying there all alone. Tun works as a photographer, and after the accident, mysterious shadows appear in the pictures Tun takes. And suddenly Tun’s old friends die. What are Tun and his friends hiding?

Thailand isn’t known for making the best movies. But they make some gems sometimes. But they also make a lot of shit.

If you mix Ring and Ju-on, you have a movie called Shutter. Lady with long, black hair, who scares the shit out of you. Or did, since the shock factor is fading away after all these years. But Shutter has something that other movies that copies this formula don’t have. It has the nerve and tension in several scenes, and also some small claustrophobic moments.

Shutter is more like Ju-on than Ring in pace. For me, Ring is the best horror movie ever made. Either you like Ring or you hate it. For those of you who like the Ju-on series, I think you’ll like Shutter. But the Ju-on movies are more atmospheric and creepy than Shutter.

Shutter has a pretty good story, and the build-up to the big reveal is brilliant! The ending in Ring is my favorite ending of all time. But Shutter’s shock ending isn’t far behind! It’s so brilliant!

Now, this was the second time I saw Shutter. I first saw it in 2005. I think the movie was weaker now than the first time I saw it. Even with a runtime of 90 minutes, there’s not much happening here. It takes some time before we get to see some creative scenes.

The chemistry between Tun and Jane is terrible. These two are a couple, but there is zero chemistry between these two.

The story is good when we especially see more of what happened in Tun’s past. He’s a coward, a real loser who you hope will burn in hell. Jane is an unsympathetic character who’s boring and empty. What is she really doing here? So I didn’t care for these two characters. If they were in grave danger, I didn’t care. This is the biggest weakness of the movie.

Shutter is still a decent movie. But after a rewatch, it disappointed me as it never quite engaged me with the two weak characters who have zero chemistry. But the ending is amazing when Tun discovers what’s going on!

Rating: 6/10

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