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Spiritwalker (2020) – English Review

A man wakes up, and he has amnesia. But every 12th hour, he switches bodies, and now he’s trying to find out the truth! Who is he? What happened to him?

Spiritwalker is a South-Korean action-thriller where the protagonist is like Jason Bourne with a heavy dose of amnesia. But he switches bodies after 12 hours. Who is he? Is he another special agent like Jason Bourne?

I wasn’t that impressed by this movie. I liked the concept, but the execution is a little bland. The movie has a cheap look, like a TV movie. I hate that feeling. The protagonist visits a lot of buildings, so yeah, it’s that kind of movie. I don’t like that! Just so you know!

So the protagonist finds some clues, and he can use the body-switching to his advantage to come closer to the truth. But the characters are so boring, especially the protagonist. I hate following grey characters I don’t care about since they don’t have many layers. I also hate generic, boring villains who are just villains with no layers. This is a movie where none of the characters have any layers.

The only positive thing I can say about Spiritwalker is that the last 20 minutes are pretty decent when the movie turns into a John Wick movie. The protagonist turns into the beagle lover himself, and he leaves a bunch of dead bodies behind. But is one of the dead bodies his?

I can’t recommend you to watch Spiritwalker. It’s a lifeless movie since it’s impossible to like and find the characters interesting. There’s nothing new to see here, so just walk away from this movie. Always trust the creepy guy! Or else he will find you! Don’t look under your bed!

Rating: 4/10

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