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My Little Bride (2004) – English Review

my little bride

Poor girl!

Two people feel forced to fulfill the wish of a dying grandfather. They have to get married, but the age difference is large. The girl is only 16 years old, and her husband is in his twenties. They try to keep the marriage hidden, but that turns out to be difficult when the husband gets a new job.

My Little Bride is a remake of My Wife Is 18, which is a Hong Kong movie I haven’t watched.

I have watched My Little Bride twice now. The first time I watched it, the movie didn’t impress me that much. This time it fell more in taste. It’s not a super funny movie, but it’s a very charming movie where we follow two people who have to fulfill the wish of a dying grandfather. They have to get married and live together.

Although it all feels very unreal, I like the atmosphere and tone that the movie creates. It’s not a cruel movie, even though it has three witches at school who should be happy if they get to see and touch a real banana in their lifetime.

It’s also funny when the girl is sort of unfaithful when she flirts and falls in love with a boy who’s as old as she is. That’s something her best friend doesn’t like when she knows she’s married. It’s so bizarre and funny.

The chemistry between the two central actors is excellent. Don’t say you are not charmed by Moon Geun-young. She’s so cute with her crazy facial expressions. I also liked the half-ugly teacher who’s in love with the girl’s husband. She’s so rude and nasty. I wanted to use some mosquito spray to chase her away from my room! You sense she has a bunch of sexual diseases!

If you are looking for a cute and warm movie that feels creepy at first, then this is a movie worth watching. You won’t see any kissing or sex scenes. It wouldn’t have been appropriate. So this isn’t a movie for sick perverts. Get out of here!

Rating: 6/10

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