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Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016) – English Review

A woman who lives with her daughter is dying. She contacts her ex-husband so he can raise their daughter when she dies. But when he shows up, he has his younger daughter with him. Her mother has left both of them, and now the dying woman is stuck with two young girls and a hopeless, stupid man. But she still has hope and belief that this will work out when she leaves them and takes the trip up to heaven.

Her Love Boils Bathwater is a Japanese drama movie that stays down on the ground. But unfortunately, it has some weaknesses with the story and how many bad and self-absorbed mothers there are in the movie.

The movie also has a surprise towards the end with the daughter of the dying woman. I can understand the choice of a particular character, but apart from this female character, the rest of the women in the movie are evil!

The daughter of the dying woman is bullied at school, and the mother tries to teach her daughter that she must dare to speak up and stand up for herself. And of course, it becomes very important when she has a short time to live. And it’s good for her that she knows her daughter is ready to face the big, ugly world.

The movie never gets dark, it has charm and a lot of warmth, even though it takes up some serious themes. The actors are superb. I was especially impressed by the two youngest actors who are fantastic! In particular, the amazing Hana Sugisaki steals the show. She has problems controlling the snot that runs out of her nose, but what a great talent we get to see! And we don’t have to see her big ears either! I thought it was another actress, and I didn’t notice her ears in this movie. But dear Hana Sugisaki, get control of the snot because there are people who eat when they watch movies! And I always eat when I watch movies!

Her Love Boils Bathwater is a charming and well-acted movie that takes up serious themes. But you know things will work out for the central characters we follow.

Rating: 7/10

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