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The Brain Man (2013) – English Review

The police are looking for terrorists who make bombs and kills innocent people. The police believe they have found the person behind it all, but a psychiatrist has her doubts when she finds out there is something special about the man that the police have arrested. He has no emotions, and he cannot feel any sort of pain. Is he a superhero?

The Brain Man is a movie I liked. It has mystery, it has interesting characters and it’s also very dark. It doesn’t happen so much in the course of two hours, but it’s interesting to study the man without emotions and his past. He is not only emotionless, but he is also super smart and his memory is out of this world.

What I missed most was a little more character depth when it comes to the antagonist in the film. She is an interesting character, and she is played superbly by Fumi Nikaido. She manages to bring out the feeling that this is a person who has nothing to lose. She’s just angry and spiteful, and with these so-called qualities, she becomes scary and very dark. I love to follow these types of characters.

If you like dark thrillers with interesting characters, then The Brain Man is certainly worth seeing as it’s one of the best thrillers from Japan I’ve seen in recent years.

Rating: 8/10

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