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Romance Doll (2020) – English Review

The perfect love doll.

A man tries to create the perfect fake skin texture for the company he’s working for. They are trying to make the perfect love doll. He then meets a woman he falls in love with. She thinks she’s doing something good for women when she lets the shady company take a mold of her breasts for medical prosthetics. But they are going to use her molded breasts for their own business. Then the two get married, but as always, trouble will come knocking on their door.

Romance Doll is a movie that tries to be both charming and emotional. I found the experience pretty boring with characters that I didn’t find interesting. The characters in Romance Doll aren’t perfect, but I never felt that we got to know them. They never let us in. They keep us at a distance, and I never felt it was worth spending two hours with them.

The story jumps too fast forward in time, and we never see what the married couple experience that makes them drift apart. It wants to tell us something, but the character development feels rushed.

After an hour, Romance Doll changes direction, and it tries to be sad and emotional. But the way things end with the married couple just made me laugh out loud. There’s a sex scene that’s so stupid, and it took me back to another Japanese movie called Barbara (2019). It’s a sick and kinky scene, and I guess by now, you know I loved it. So here’s my latest hit, The Last Orgasm. Silence!

Romance Doll is a movie that deals with romance and sickness. It’s not a movie for everyone, as it turns into a pretty bizarre movie. And it’s only the Japanese that can make this work. But overall, I found the movie uninteresting. Some of the characters are just the usual quirky Japanese characters that don’t feel human. And then, the movie tries to tell an emotional story that also fails when the ending is pretty twisted and sick. But I give that two hard nipples!

Rating: 4/10

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