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Coming Soon: The Assassin (2023) | South Korea |

Bring the swords!

It says that The Assassin will be released in cinemas in February, but I’m not quite sure about that. This is an action movie where we follow the best swordsman in Joseon. Other than that, there’s not much information about the story I can find. So maybe that means it will not be released in February.

The Assassin is directed by Kwak Jeong-deok. I haven’t watched any of his earlier movies, but I loved A Hard Day (2014). I have to rewatch that movie soon. But in 2019, he made the awful and stupid Ashfall (2019). That movie will always be a stinker, and it’s one of the worst movies Lee Byung-hun has starred in! But I keep on reminding myself of A Hard Day, and The Assassin also has one of my old favorite actors from the early 2000s, Shin Hyun-jjon, in the lead role. You know, the guy with the nose.

I remembered I loved Bichunmoo (2000) when I was younger, and I watched that movie many times. I have to find my DVD and make a new review of that movie soon. He was also solid in Guns & Talks (2001). But it doesn’t seem like the movies he starred in after those movies were box-office hits. But it’s cool to see him again, my man with the cool nose.

The trailer/teaser is short, so there’s not much information it gives us. It shows some swordfights, and that’s why I’m interested in this movie since the director made a solid movie like A Hard Day (2014), and the man with the nose is back!

Well, there’s an actor here with a lot of makeup and an ugly, evil smirk on his face that tells me he should be a villain, so let’s hope that our hero takes care of him!

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