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Coming Soon: Phantom (2023) | South Korea |

Who is the spy?

The year is 1933, and the evil Japanese have colonized Korea. The evil Japanese believes that one of the five that have been arrested is a spy, and they are going to be interrogated by the evil Japanese. Is there a spy amongst them, and who is it?

I don’t know how many of these movies have been made, but I usually like these spy movies. The movie is directed by Lee Hae-yeong. He has directed movies such as The Silenced (2015), which I haven’t watched yet, but I am planning to watch it soon. I have watched Believer (2018), which is a remake of the Johnnie Too movie, Drug Wars, which was pretty good. I didn’t like Believer, and I see Believer is getting a sequel made by the same director. Let’s hope it will be better than the first movie!

But the reason I want to watch this movie is that it has the best South Korean actor, Sol Kyung-gu, in the leading role, I guess. He is one of my all-time favorite actors. And I always watch the movies he stars in. He usually picks some of the better scripts out there, so let’s put our trust in my man!

The trailer looks pretty cool, with some dramatic and suspenseful scenes and some explosions. So I hope this won’t be a dry and slow-paced spy thriller. Let’s hope for a great-paced spy-thriller where Sol Kyung-gu and the rest of the cast will shine! Yeah, baby!

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