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Death’s Game (2023) – English Review

A man has had enough of his life. He can’t handle the blows to the stomach that life gives him, and he jumps off a building and dies. When he wakes up, a sexy woman in black tells him that his suffering isn’t over yet. This sexy woman is Death! He is going to die 13 more times, and then his real suffering will begin if he doesn’t survive in one of the bodies he takes over. If he loses, hell awaits him. Let the game begin! Continue reading “Death’s Game (2023) – English Review”

Project Wolf Hunting (2022) – English Review

Dangerous prisoners are onboard a cargo ship, and the destination is South Korea. They are chained up, and there are around twenty cops who are guarding them. But on the cargo ship, there is a dangerous secret. Welcome to Con Air, or maybe not. Welcome to Con Air meets Universal Soldier! Continue reading “Project Wolf Hunting (2022) – English Review”

Pipeline (2021) – English Review

A rich and dangerous man who wants to steal a lot of oil that flows through a pipeline under the ground hires a group of criminals. The leader of the group is an expert at stealing oil from pipelines, but can he trust anyone around him? Greed is something you can’t trust. Continue reading “Pipeline (2021) – English Review”