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Sick of Myself (2022) aka Syk pike – English Review

She needs the attention.

A woman doesn’t like that her boyfriend, who is an artist, gets all the attention in their circle. She wants to be famous and get all the attention she thinks she deserves, but she doesn’t have any talent. But then one day, she reads an article about some people who took some pills and they ended up getting a serious skin condition. So when she gets hold of the dangerous pills, her journey to become a famous person begins.

Now, this is a fun and interesting satire about self-absorbed people who you will hate. They should seek professional help, but no, there’s nothing wrong with them. They are narcissists and some other things too, and both of them are lost causes.

This is a satire that will make you laugh and puke when the protagonist in the movie gets her face destroyed after taking the pills that she is certain will make her famous. She looks like hell, and there’s something going on inside of her body that is also crying for help.

The protagonist enjoys her famous life when the dangerous pills start working, and she also daydreams a lot. She needs to be famous, and she needs to become more famous than her horrible boyfriend. They both want the spotlight, but the spotlight is just big enough for one of them. Who will win?

Kristine Kujath Thorp, who plays the protagonist, shines in the role of the lazy woman who has no talent, but she needs to be famous. This is her movie, and she delivers the goods.

If you like dark comedies that feel different from other movies, then Sick of Myself is a movie you should watch. It’s a dark comedy, but in some scenes, it almost turns into a horror movie. It tells us about the narcissistic society we live in today. We are doomed!

Sick of Myself is one of the best comedies from 2022, and it stands out from the crowd. Finally, Norwegian movies are making a small comeback after some terrible and dead years.

Rating: 8/10

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