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The Gigolo 2 (2016) – English Review

An unlucky woman needs money after her mother got sick. She’s a lazy woman, so she tries selling her lazy body to sleazy men. But she’s the worst prostitute ever, and then she meets the king of Gigolo’s, who’s going to teach her the art of making love.

We never needed a sequel after the terrible first movie. But it seems like it earned some money, so it, unfortunately, got a sequel. The actor playing the gigolo from the first movie is back again. And he has broken up with his girlfriend, who’s now working in Hollywood or some fish. He now runs a gigolo club. He meets a lipless woman who needs money, so she needs to sell her body. But her reputation is ruined after her first client made her cry after putting his banana into the wrong hole! Oh, poor, poor prostitute! Maybe you should get a regular job, you lipless woman!

I didn’t think the sequel could be worse than the first movie. But yes, The Gigolo 2 is indeed worse than the first movie. The problem with this movie is that there’s no nudity here. We never get to see some naked women at all. All we get to see is the protagonist’s butt crack, but come on! We need something more. Where are the beautiful, cheap women?

The acting is awful. The two leading actors have no shame, and they don’t belong in front of the camera. They should start working as a gigolo and as a prostitute in real life. But I’m pretty sure they both would suck at that job too!

The movie gives us something different when an S&M couple comes into the picture, and it turns out that they are crazy. And this is the highlight of the movie, and it saves the movie. But the problem is that the crazy scene is towards the end of the movie, and before that, nothing happens. It just feels like a sort of remake of the first movie. 

The S&M scene is at least fun and crazy. It’s a bad sign when the woman who acts like a middleman knows that the last person who was working as a slave was sent to the hospital with severe injuries. And the stupid couple who say yes to the job will regret their greediness just so that they can buy an apartment. This is just ridiculous!

It seems like the director tried to make this scene dramatic and that we should feel sorry for the couple when they get tortured by the crazy S&M couple. I loved the scene when the stupid man gets a taste of the whip, and she whips him so hard that he passes out. But she isn’t done with him yet, and what awaits next it’s just stupid and funny.

The Gigolo 2 is a stupid movie that’s boring from start to finish. The only scene that’s fun to watch is the scene I mentioned. Otherwise, this is a terrible movie. But I got at least the ending I wanted. Stupid, creepy, gigolo! Burn in hell! And take that lipless woman with you too!

Rating: 1/10

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