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There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001) – English Review

A prostitute who steals money from an angry pimp is held captive for a month before she dies.

This is the second movie I’ve seen about the Hello Kitty murder. The movie is based on true events that shook Hong Kong when they heard the story of what a group of insane and evil people had done to a prostitute.

The problem with There Is a Secret in My Soup is the actors who are rubbish. The actor who plays the furious character is a joke! We also get to see a completely ridiculous and inappropriate erotic scene that lasts for about 8 minutes, where the psychotic man pours engine oil over his girlfriend and uses various tools to turn her and him on. This is one of the most absurd scenes I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of strange things! And the scene didn’t turn me on! It turned me off! It’s disgusting to see how bad of a so-called actor the psychopath is! Just look at his ridiculous facial expressions! What a garbage actor! It’s not only the prostitute he tortures, he also tortures the viewers with his bad acting! So f him!

Compared to Human Pork Chop, the prostitute is prettier and more likeable than the prostitute in Human Pork Chop who looks and talks like a man. But who is she? The movie never gives us an answer to that. She’s devoid of character depth. But you feel she’s cleaner than the awful prostitute in Human Pork Chop. And I don’t think she’s a drug addict in this movie.

There Is a Secret in My Soup is a worse movie than Human Pork Chop. It’s a movie with a lot of bad acting, and it forgets to give the protagonist character depth. As in Human Pork Chop, we hear that she’s pregnant and wants a child, but that’s it. There’s nothing more to her than that, and there’s a short scene with her and her newborn baby.

The violence and torture feels harder here than in the Human Pork Chop. So at that point, There Is a Secret in My Soup is better at showing us the torture they exposed the poor woman to. You understand more why she died because when they beat her up and torture her they don’t hold back. They take their job seriously. That’s probably the only thing I can give a thumbs up for because the rest of the movie is rubbish. And it’s a little funny that the devil himself, Michael Wong, has a minor role as a cop. They should have arrested him a long time ago for his bad acting!

Rating: 1/10

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