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Blood 13 (2018) – English Review

The police are hunting a serial killer. An elderly police officer is sure that he knows who the serial killer is. He’s been chasing him for many years. But proving it turns out to be difficult. The police officers investigating the case aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer!

Blood 13 is a Chinese crime movie that was a horrible experience. The story itself is straightforward, but the execution stinks!

The director can’t control the camera. The camera is moving all the time, which made me seasick! I don’t watch a movie to get seasick!

The characters are poorly written, except for the serial killer who at least has some personality. The central cops are morons, and there is zero chemistry between the actors. The actors aren’t good. They lack soul and talent, and they pull you out of the whole movie. There’s almost nothing that engages here. The only thing that engaged me was the poor woman who was trapped in her bed. The stupid cops don’t see what everyone sees! They are so annoying!

The editing and flow are terrible! I thought the cop who’s the best friend of the policewoman was a ghost! There are so many scenes in the movie where it feels like he’s just air when talking to other characters. It feels like nobody cares about him and what he says. What kind of editing is this?

Blood 13 isn’t a good serial killer movie. The editing is horrible. The camera is everywhere, and the actors have zero chemistry.

Rating: 3/10

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