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Moloch (2022) – English Review

We follow a woman who has a daughter and who lives with her parents. A curse runs in this family, and strange things happen when a man breaks into their home and attacks one of them. What is going on?

Moloch is a horror movie based on Dutch folklore. It’s a movie that concentrates on creating a dark and unsettling atmosphere, and it succeeds in that attempt. 

In the opening scene, which takes place in the past, we see a young girl who looks up at the ceiling to the second floor. She hears a terrible scream, and blood runs down the walls and through the floor.

Skip to the present, and that girl has grown up to be a woman who has a daughter, and she lives with her parents out in the woods. After a man breaks into their home and tries to kill the protagonist’s mother, mysterious things happen. 

At the same, the woman meets a man who is a sort of researcher or something like that, and he has found several dead bodies near the property where the woman’s family lives. Has this something to do with the curse and the cursed family?

Moloch isn’t a big horror movie with a big universe. The universe is small, and the movie focuses on creating an unsettling atmosphere. It’s a movie that isn’t in a hurry, and there’s not much going on except for the unraveling of the mystery. And towards the end, we hear a story that explains to us what’s going on. But is this real, or has the town gone crazy?

The acting is okay, and I enjoyed the last 30 minutes of the movie. The first hour burns slowly, and I get a feeling that some viewers will give up the movie. But the last 30 minutes are pretty good, and I loved the scene with the kids who are acting in a play. They tell us the story of what happened a long time ago with a woman who can be behind the curse. But is there anything that can stop the curse, or is the family we follow doomed?

If you like horror movies that have some nice visuals and a great atmosphere, and you can tolerate a slow pace, then Moloch is worth a watch. Even though this isn’t a movie with a lot of CGI, the few scenes where it uses CGI aren’t great. But look past the shoddy CGI. This is a movie that offers a lot of quality, and I loved the ending. I didn’t expect that ending, but maybe there was something I missed when the movie explained the curse.

Rating: 6/10

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