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The Five Devils (2022) – English Review

A girl with a special gift doesn’t like the woman who is staying in the house. She is the father’s sister, and the mother shares a past with this woman.

So when I sat down to watch The Five Devils, I was in the mood for a horror movie. I saw the title and the poster, and I thought this was going to be interesting since it’s a French movie. But is The Five Devils a horror movie? Let’s find out.

So the first half-hour feels like a horror mystery movie with a young girl who can smell things like a dog. She is like a superhero, but she’s also creepy. She collects things, and she uses these things to travel back in time to witness what happened there. She mixes different things she collects in a jar. After that is done, she opens the jar and passes out. This ability allows her to find out more about her father’s sister. She was responsible for a fire many years ago. So I thought the girl was a witch.

So the girl visits her past and tries to find out what kind of relationship she had with her mother. They have a past together, and that past is something the girl will unravel.

So is this a horror movie? No, it isn’t! I can be so lazy sometimes, but I love heavy drama movies, so that wasn’t a problem. This is a drama mystery movie where we follow a young girl, her mother and father, and the father’s sister. The movie holds back information about the past, so what happened in the past is something we see when that girl visits the past. 

Her father and mother have a cold relationship. They don’t fit together. Then the mysterious woman moves in, and the girl doesn’t like this woman because she is afraid of her. And the woman doesn’t like the girl either. And no one at school likes the girl. So the whole town hates these two freaks!

The story is interesting, but the execution could have been much better. The problem is that the movie doesn’t have enough backstory or depth. The theme of the movie is interesting about love that never was meant to be. I felt this could have been a great and unique movie about love.

But the script is all over the place, and it lacks depth and a real punch to the stomach. This is a heavy family drama with a dose of mystery. The result is a mediocre movie with some talented actors and a dead actor who plays the husband. He is so boring.

The Five Devils have too many balls in the air. This could have been a really interesting mystery drama, but you feel the movie can’t decide what it wants to be. And I couldn’t figure out the last scene in the movie, so I liked that.

Rating: 5/10

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