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Full Contact (1992) – English Review

full contact

A man is deceived by his partners during a robbery in Thailand, and now it’s time for revenge! Everyone thought he was dead, and someone have stolen his hot girlfriend! All he has left is an ugly dog!

John Woo and Ringo Lam were good at using Chow Yun Fat in the right role. Ringo Lam hit the bullseye with Chow Yun Fat in Full Contact. This is a hard action movie, with Chow Yun Fat in his prime. But he should have been arrested for his ugly hairstyle! Guile from Street Fighter should arrest him!

We have Chow Yun Fat, Simon Yam, and Anthony Wong in the same movie. That alone makes the movie good, sort of. It feels like the villains are band members of The Village People. Simon Yam plays a gay and ruthless boss. We have a gorilla called Psycho and his horny and moaning girlfriend, who just wants to have sex all the time. This is a screwed-up bunch, and I think I’ve never seen a more entertaining and screwed-up gang before!

Chow Yun Fat has got rid of his suit and tie, and he’s wearing denim pants and a vest. He rides a motorcycle, and he’s so cool. The action scenes aren’t as wild as in a John Woo movie, and there aren’t many action scenes here.

Ringo Lam is interested in telling a story of revenge, friendship, and love. Although the characters are wild and energetic, the plot is very dark. And no one likes another man stealing his best friend’s hot girlfriend!

Although I like the action scenes in the movie, it’s the wild characters who are the big draw in Full Contact and a badass Chow Yun Fat. This isn’t a role you associate with Chow Yun Fat as he rides around on a motorcycle. As usual, he oozes charisma, but at least he could have used a helmet, so we didn’t have to look at his ugly hair!

Full Contact has some fantastic scenes like when the protagonist and the antagonist are in a duel position, and they fire one shot each. The bullets hit each other halfway. Some say this is the origin of the bullet-time effect. What a fantastic scene! The opening scene also rocks when the hot Ann Bridgewater is dancing. I love the energy and music in this scene! And Ann Bridgewater is smoking hot!

Skip this section if you haven’t watched Full Contact yet. Another fantastic scene is towards the end when the protagonist is shot, and it looks like it ends with the protagonist dying. But the protagonist gets up and drives off on his motorcycle. And then the theme song is played, and I love the visuals in this sequence. What a scene, what a man, and what an ending! And I have to give much of the honor to the wonderful song called The World Has Gone Insane sung by Alan Tam.

Full Contact is one of the best action movies I’ve seen. The movie offers incredible villains that you will not forget, and the actors do their job perfectly. You will see some awesome action scenes and knife duels. Mixed with good action choreography and a fitting soundtrack, this is an action masterpiece that hasn’t received the status it deserves. Full Contact is a classic! If you don’t agree with that, then f off!

Rating: 10/10

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