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Door Lock (2018) – English Review

A woman who lives alone feels that she’s not alone in the apartment. And that’s right because at night she gets company. Who’s this person who’s stalking her, and why is no one listening to her when she tells the police she’s feeling that someone dangerous is stalking her? Why can’t they listen to her? Why?

Door Lock is a South Korean thriller that builds up a slightly tense and unsettling atmosphere in the first half. But then it goes all downhill in the second half. It turns into a big sh*tshow when the characters behave like idiots. You will not find much realism in terms of what the characters do and think. They are just a bunch of morons!

No normal people with average intelligence can accept the choices that some of the characters make when watching this shit movie! It’s easy to guess who the serial killer is. There are very few characters in the movie, and it didn’t take long before I realized who this boring serial killer was.

It’s always boring to watch movies like Door Lock that break all logical rules just for the plot to move forwards. And you just have to sit there and accept it. There is nothing you can do! Oh, yeah, you can turn off the movie! Turn off this sh*t! Now!

Movies like Door Lock might work for younger people who haven’t watched so many movies in this genre. But for us who have seen thousands of movies, movies like Door Lock are just a waste of time. As a viewer, you can’t accept the choices the characters make and how blind and stupid they are. It no longer works! It’s not acceptable!

Rating: 3/10

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