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Devils (2023) – English Review

A cop has been chasing a serial killer, but then both he and the serial killer just vanished. After a month, they both return, but something strange is going on because the serial killer tells a cop that he is the missing cop and that the serial killer has taken over his body. Drama!

“Devils” starts as a body-switch movie, which is entertaining, but the movie doesn’t have the best script. The cop is hunting a group of serial killers, and he sort of caught the leader, but they have switched bodies. So, you wait for the reveal of how the body-switching happened. Is the serial killer a devil worshiper who has a deal with our lord and savior, Satan?

The cop lost his partner when one of the serial killers killed him a couple of years ago, and he now has a new partner who can’t decide what he is going to do when the serial killer tells him that he is the cop and his partner. The serial killer also reveals that the real serial killer has threatened to kill his wife and daughter if he doesn’t play along.

“Devils” isn’t a big-budget movie, and you can tell. I hated the ending; it’s stupid. The police in this movie are a bunch of morons, and the same goes for the cop who is playing with fire. When the movie reveals what happened during the 30 days, I could buy the answer to the 30-day mystery, but man, some stupid choices were made.

I really enjoyed the actor who played the serial killer; he is really good. He portrays a tough maniac, and I almost thought he could be a demon since pain doesn’t affect him much.

If you like serial killer movies with a small universe and a limited budget, “Devils” is worth a watch. However, the police in this movie will give you a painful headache, and the cop doesn’t have any character depth. He has a wife and daughter, and I was expecting that the movie would focus on them when the man of the house returned after his one-month vacation. But no. They get a few minutes on the screen, and after that, they are forgotten. And they are never in danger, so “Devils” is a movie that has a big mouth but doesn’t follow up on what could have been a pretty cool game between the cop and the serial killer. You know, like “Face Off,” but there’s also a reason for that not happening in this movie.

Rating: 5/10

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