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Okja (2017) – English Review

The world needs more food, and ten special piglets will live with selected people. After 10 years, they will select a winner. 10 years have passed, and a winner is picked out. The winner is a giant pig who has lived with a South Korean girl. She has a special relationship with this giant pig, and she doesn’t know that when 10 years have passed, the giant pig will return home to its original owner. Now a new world opens up, and she’s determined to get her giant pig back again!

Wow, this was a turd of a movie! This isn’t a family movie, and I didn’t feel like it was for adults either! What on earth has Bong Joon Ho been smoking? There are several of us who has to stop licking Bong Joon Ho in the ass. It’s not good for you or me!

In Okja, Bong Joon Ho is concerned with the environment, hunger, greed, and food production. With Okja, he’s made a real stinker where he missed the mark when trying to combine entertainment and seriousness. Okja feels almost like an ordinary family movie with all the silly characters it introduces, but it’s not a movie for the kids at all. What he’s done here is just embarrassing!

The characters in Okja have escaped from a Wes Anderson movie. And what on earth is Jake Gyllenhaal doing? He’s one of my favorite actors, but man, he’s so horrible in this role!

The movie starts out as a Steven Spielberg movie. But then the villains appear in the movie that represents a big corporation run by a woman with big teeth. Bong Joon Ho loves to turn Tilda Swinton into a clown with big teeth. Yes, it was funny in Snowpiercer, but you don’t have to do it two times. It’s enough now! Stop it!

And the big pigs, which look like hippos, aren’t cute. I also never felt a real friendship between the girl and the giant pig. So that became another problem. There’s no real chemistry between the girl and the CGI pig.

Next to the weak characters, the other big problem is that the movie is too dark. I’m a big fan of South Korean movies, but this feels more like a family movie, and I felt that the movie tried to be honest in a shocking way if you have kids watching the movie with you!

There’s a lot of things in Okja that fit into a family movie. But Okja is a movie that’s too dark for the kids and too annoying for grown-ups with these bad cartoon characters! I can guarantee you that Okja didn’t engage me at all!

We also get to see one of the strangest scenes I’ve seen in my life when the girl’s big pig is r*ped by another big pig! What in God’s name is this shit? This is the cutie in the movie, and she is raped? What the hell? This is sick! Just picture E.T. getting r*ped by a giant E.T.

Think of all the family movies you’ve seen with a large or strange animal where evil people experiment and conduct tests on the poor animal or creature. That’s not enough for Bong Joon Ho. He has to show a rape scene! Stop the man and send him back to South Korea! His humor works best in that country, and I love the dark humor in South Korean movies! But this scene was so inappropriate! And yes, I love the good old Takashi Miike, when he was at his best with crazy shit that shocked the world! And one of my favorite comedy movies is Ichi the Killer, so I’m not a sensitive person at all. But this, this was crazy. This was crazy shit!

Rating: 3/10

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