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So Close (2002) – English Review

We follow two sisters who work as assassins. Well, one of them is the killer, while the other one sits in front of the computer, and she is smoking HOT!! After their last mission, trouble will come knocking on their door. A female cop, who believes she is a man, is aggressive and on their tail, and an evil man wants them dead.

Corey Yuen directed “So Close,” and in the lead roles, we find the beautiful trio of Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, and Karen Mok. So, what do you expect from a movie made in the early 2000s? A “Charlie’s Angels” movie, of course.

But to categorize it in the same league as the “Charlie’s Angels” movies isn’t quite right in my eyes. Yes, the action scenes are pretty absurd with a lot of wire use. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise when it’s Corey Yuen who directed the movie. Let’s call him Corey the wire Yuen.

However, there aren’t enough action scenes in “So Close.” This is an action drama about loss, loneliness, and hidden love. There’s a lot to take in when watching this movie, and I’m sure it will disappoint many viewers expecting a Hong Kong copy of “Charlie’s Angels.”

This creates a significant problem since the script is weak and empty. It feels like you are watching a confused movie that can’t decide which direction it wants to go. Action or family drama? What is it going to be?

“So Close” has too many ideas on the table, and it forgets to fill up the blank pages, of which there are many. Just look at the villain in the movie. I couldn’t remember why I should hate him. Who the hell was he? He is an anonymous villain. He is very weak!

And no, this isn’t a sleazy Hong Kong movie. It’s a movie that tries to charm you. It’s a movie that tries to evoke sadness, and in the end, you want a different and more uplifting ending than the one we get. The ending feels too dark, especially for the character played by Zhao Wei. And my, oh my, she was and still is a hottie. Movie aside, Shu Qi, this woman has taken my heart a long time ago, and she can act!

Rating: 4/10

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