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Ranking the Sex and Zen movies (1991, 1996, 1998, 2011)

Whip me, you hot woman!

Then it was time to rank the Sex and Zen movies. Almost, as usual, you only need to watch the first movie. The sequels are not much to brag about. But following in the footsteps of the first Sex and Zen was almost impossible, as it has so much wild energy during the sex scenes. So I’m gonna start at the bottom, and work my way to the top.

4. Sex and Zen II (1994)

That I place this at the bottom of the list may come as a surprise to many, since Shu Qi shows her whole beautiful body. But I felt the movie was charmless. I found nothing charming here at all, and it’s too dark to be a Sex and Zen movie. You will not find the same madness and charm from the first movie in Sex and Zen II.

3. 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (2011)

This is an empty movie, and I was going to put it at the bottom of the list. The runtime is too long, and the sex scenes are boring. But we get to see a woman with a giant penis who can do incredible things with that thing. It’s several meters long. What saves the movie from finishing last is that it suddenly changes tone and direction towards the end. Then it throws off the gloves, and it takes out the whip. It turns into a clone of A Chinese Torture Chamber Story. I smiled and enjoyed myself! Here comes the pain!

2. Sex and Zen III (1998)

After the disappointment with Sex and Zen II, which got too dark with a demon from hell, I felt that Sex and Zen III went back to its roots and focused more on comedy and nonsense in the beginning. But the sex scenes are dull and not very creative. Then the movie turns into A Chinese Torture Chamber Story. I was in heaven, and I had the whip in my hand to do some damage. But the woman’s flat ass is disgusting! I felt like picking up an air pump to pump that flat ass up!

1. Sex and Zen (1991)

Not surprisingly, I placed the first movie at the top. It’s a wild movie with a lot of energy and some wild sex scenes that will even make grumpy old farts smile and laugh. Nothing is spared here, and of course, I have to give this the gold medal when a beautiful woman says: Whip me! But please woman, whip me first!

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