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Fall (2022) – English Review

Two friends climb an old, tall, radio tower, but now the idiots can’t get down.

Here we have another movie about people who are trapped, and they can’t get down. We follow two friends who climb a tall radio tower, but the ladder breaks, and they can’t get down. The reason for them being there is that one of them is depressed after she lost her husband in a climbing accident. Her friend, who also was there, is trying to cheer her up. She needs to bring her back to life again before it’s too late. So up they go, but down, no.

Fall is a generic trapped-in-the-height movie that has one boring character, and the other character is irritating and has a big mouth. She’s a character who loves to hear her own voice. She feels so fake, and I didn’t like the actress who played her. She tried too hard to be cool and cheerful. The other one is better, but since her soul is almost dead, she is boring. There’s no character depth here to speak of, and the brief scene with the father of the depressed girl and her flashbacks is lazy as hell. So you can forget about caring for these empty characters.

So the friends are in big trouble, and they don’t have many items that can help them. They have ideas, and we know that most of their ideas will fail since the movie has a runtime of around 107 minutes.

And when the movie tries to be clever and surprise you, you know what has happened 15 minutes before the twist. You can’t have watched many movies if you don’t catch the twist early. So the twist is weak, and then the movie is over.

Fall isn’t a great trapped movie. It fails to engage with its empty characters and generic plot. So there’re no surprises here to speak of.

Rating: 4/10

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