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Bodies at Rest (2019) – English Review

Three people are searching for a corpse, and they are making hell on earth for the staff working at a mortuary. What are they searching for? And will the employees survive this night?

Most people have forgotten about director Renny Harlin. In recent years he has made movies in China, and that should scare most people.

Bodies at Rest isn’t a good movie. The pace is fast, and the reason for that is to hide the weak script. There’s something going on all the time. But what happens isn’t credible. The good guys in the movie are stupid and make several strange choices before they get very smart towards the end of the movie. The villains in the movie show up at the last second when the good guys try to escape several times. Yes, Bodies at Rest is such a movie.

Most of the plot takes place inside the morgue. One of the staff members who work there does everything he can do to sabotage and ruin the plan that the villains have. But is that a smart thing to do?

As mentioned, the pace is fast, and the score is over-dramatic all the time. It feels like the score never takes a break. It tells us how dramatic this is without succeeding. It’s so annoying!

Although this is a light entertainment movie, it doesn’t have any charm, even if time never stands still. It’s always frustrating to watch Chinese movies when the actors speak both Cantonese and Mandarin in the same movie. The dubbing is lousy, which took me out of the movie.

Bodies at Rest is a generic action thriller with weak characters with no personality. It also has a director who doesn’t care about the word quality. He’s only interested in earning some easy money. He should be ashamed of himself!

Rating: 3/10

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