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Game Review: Forgive Me Father (2021) – English Review

You are searching for your missing cousin or something like that, and it doesn’t take long before the town is filled with monsters, and you have to kill them all!

Forgive Me Father, is a first-person shooter, also known as a boomer shooter, with a weak story. But it’s a fun game if you like games like Doom and such. It has a unique art style, and it has a skill tree that you can use to upgrade your weapons and stuff like that. It’s a game that has drawn its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft and his monsters.

But this is far from a perfect game. I played the game on the hard difficulty using the journalist, and it took me around 15 hours to complete the game. After what I have read, it seems like it’s best and easier to use the priest since he can heal himself. So if you’re going to play it on hard difficulty, I recommend you to use the priest.

My biggest problem with the game is the difficulty spike that happens after 8-9 hours. There are so many strange choices here that make little sense when you have fought a hard battle, and the game doesn’t give you much health after the fight before it throws you into another hard battle inside a large room where strong enemies are waiting for you. It almost drove me insane, and it’s never fun when you feel that the game is cheating. Especially, when it introduces a fast enemy who moves fast and shoots homing projectiles. It’s not supposed to be homing projectiles, but it sure felt so! The difficulty spike goes through the roof, and I’m certain the game was laughing and spitting on me. But I’m not a quitter! I was going to get through this! And I did, you piece of fish!

The level design is decent, but when all hell breaks loose, I wish the areas could have been larger so you could get some time to breathe for a few seconds. But no, not in this game. The game is out to hurt you and stress you out. It’s a linear FPS where you usually follow a path going straight until you kill the enemies and finish the level. It gets better after 6-8 hours with a more varied level design where you push switches and opens up doors, with the result that the areas feel a lot bigger.

There are some stupid sections with platform jumping that don’t belong in a game like this. It’s irritating since you don’t expect to jump as much in a game like Forgive Me Father when you struggle to survive because of the cheating monsters that are waiting for you in the next area with their irritating homing projectiles.

The shooting and most of the weapons feel good. You usually end up in a big room where you have to run around in circles, find the rhythm and start killing. The game is really quick, and you can’t stand still. If you do that, you will get hurt! So it’s a game I usually played for 30 minutes, and after that, I took a break before I played another 30 minutes. I’m getting old you know, and the insane pace drained me.

Some enemies become bullet sponges, and you are going to die a lot of times toward the end when your health and armor are getting low, and you have to repeat the same section again and again. You learn that you have to have a plan to get rid of the enemies that are hurting you the most. The game will kick you in your teeth when it throws harder enemies at you nonstop.

When you find the rhythm, and get into the zone, the game experience is solid. Until it cheats. It goes from a great shooting game where you feel great, but then it drags you down into the dirty mud and kicks you in your teeth while you curse at the game. I rarely get angry when playing a game, but I felt my blood pressure was getting too high several times during the 15 hours I spent completing the game.

Forgive Me Father is a fun game that, unfortunately, cheats, and I was so angry towards the end of the game because of the cheating and the stupid homing projectiles. I see that the average completion time on How Long to Beat is 8 hours, but come on! Were they playing on easy difficulty or something? This game doesn’t take 8 hours to complete on your first try playing it on hard difficulty!

Rating: 7/10

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