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An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) – English Review

We follow some people who are depressed, and many of them find no meaning to live anymore. Some are young, others are old, and on their journey, they will cross paths.

An Elephant Sitting Still is a critically acclaimed movie that had a very sad outcome. After the movie was finished, the director took his own life. I don’t know why, but I think I can guess after watching An Elephant Sitting Still. He must have been deeply depressed because this is a dark movie with no hope at all. So be prepared to dive into the darkness and suffocate!

I loved the movie, I hated the movie. The big problem with the movie is that the runtime is almost 4 hours long. I don’t know why the director made such a long movie, because there isn’t enough content here to defend a 4-hour runtime. Had the movie had a runtime of just two hours, this would have been a 9/10 movie for me.

I watched the only version you can see, so maybe someday someone will cut the runtime down to get a better flow. The director was in an artistic mood when he shot the movie. He focuses on the characters and what they are looking at. These scenes last so long. Someone should have said stop, you’re ruining a good movie!

An Elephant Sitting Still is a depressing movie that never shows you a light at the end of the tunnel. The central characters have different problems, and they will cross paths. There’s so much negativity here. This is a movie that will knock you down and keep you down for the rest of the day. So this isn’t a movie for deeply depressed people.

It’s a shame that the long runtime with the long scenes ruins the flow. Usually, I love movies like this. And I ended up both loving and hating the movie. It’s also a shame that the director committed suicide. Aside from the long runtime, he has made something very impressive considering that this was his first and unfortunately his last movie.

The atmosphere is so dark. The experience you feel is like drowning in the dark without getting any oxygen. And there are several scenes here that are beautiful to look at, which is well done considering where the movie was shot.

Rating: 5/10

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