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Angels Wear White (2017) – English Review

Two girls who are 12 years old are raped by a powerful man. And they are going to find out that the world they live in is cold and brutal where everyone thinks only of themselves and theirs. A lawyer tries to help them, but it’s not an easy job when most people she meets are self-absorbed and corrupt.

Angels Wear White is a dark movie that has nothing positive to say about the society the characters live in. It’s a strange movie where I didn’t feel so much for the characters as they are so cold and self-absorbed. Even the two kids who have been raped are two characters I couldn’t connect with. But there is an important scene towards the end of the movie that makes one of the central girls human. That scene was so important, suddenly there is one character who shows her inner emotions and you feel devastated. The two girls aren’t the type of girls who cry and scream the loudest. They keep their emotions and pain locked inside themselves.

This is a movie that sucks a lot of happiness out of you. This isn’t what I would call an audience-friendly movie. It’s a movie that doesn’t feed the viewers with a teaspoon. But what it tells us comes out clear, and that’s what’s great about Angels Wear White. It doesn’t push the message down your throat. It lets the images and actors do their job without diving deep into the minds of the characters and the story it tells. Images sometimes say more than a thousand words, and Angels Wear White proves that.

Angels Wear White isn’t a movie that offers anything new in terms of the topics it addresses. But it stands out a bit in terms of how it’s filmed and how the story is told. This isn’t a movie for viewers who can’t think for themselves. This is a movie for people who understand how the real world can be if you are unlucky, and who don’t need the characters to talk constantly about what they are feeling and thinking all the time.

Rating: 7/10

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