The Foul King (2000) – English Review

Dae-Ho works for a bank and he is constantly humiliated by his boss. But one day he walks by a professional wrestling school, and after convincing the owner that he is a man who really wants to become a professional wrestler, he starts to train there. Now he is going to show his boss who the real boss is, and maybe he will fulfill his big dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

Genre is comedy mixed with a little dose of drama. The Foul King was the second movie for director Ji-woon Kim. His first movie was the wonderful The Quiet Family, followed by A Tale of Two Sisters, A Bittersweet Life, The Good, the Bad, the Weird, I Saw the Devil and The Last Stand.

In the lead role we find Kang-ho Song, that man needs no further presentation. He is as safe as the bank, and he gets to show off his comedic side here. The movie is fun, and the last fight is energetic and well-choreographed.

There is only one thing I can put my finger on, and that is the short story of the protagonist’s friend. What the point of this story is, I don’t understand. It’s the only drama element in the movie, and it doesn’t fit in at all. This was a strange choice by the director, for the man knows how to make a movie. It would have been nice with an explanation from the director why he chose to mix this in. It’s not interesting at all, but fortunately, these scenes do not last long.

For people who were disappointed with the awful Nacho Libre starring Jack Black, check out The Foul King. It has everything Nacho Libre didn’t have. Next to The Wrestler, The Foul King is the best professional wrestling movie. The Wrestler is dark and serious, and The Foul King is light, cheerful and a little crazy.

Rating: 8/10

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