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Shaitan (2011) – English Review

The losers club.

A group of young adults gets in trouble after they kill two people in an accident. A corrupt cop is extorting them for money, and to get that sum of money they pretend that one of them has been kidnapped. But they will soon learn that karma will come back to haunt them. Let’s hope that they will die! They are just a bunch of losers!

Shaitan is a movie that didn’t work for me. The problem is pretty clear after half an hour. The group of young adults is obnoxious! I can’t stand following characters like the idiots we follow in Shaitan. There is no reason that we should care for them. They are young who like to party and do drugs, and then they kill two innocent people. Why in God’s name should we care about these assholes?

The director tries to create a lot of energy with his editing. But sometimes a director can be too cool for school, and he was exactly that when he directed this movie. I couldn’t stand the scenes when we follow the young adults, and the director tries to imitate Guy Ritchie with his style of editing combined with the music he uses.

There’s also a story here with the good cop and his wife. They are having problems with their relationship, so the cop is frustrated, and he also does a lot of stupid things. Even if he is supposed to be the good guy, I didn’t like this character at all. He’s too boring and stiff. It felt like he had a stick shoved up his ass. I think he is constipated. He needs to take something that can help him take a good old dump. Lighten up, man!

Sometimes you watch movies you can’t connect with. That happened to me when watching Shaitan. I was disconnected after half an hour. I just hoped that all the young people would die. Especially, the stupid young woman who had a mentally ill mother. I hated that character, and I hated her friends too! Just die, fuckers! Die!

Rating: 4/10

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