Creepy (2016) – English Review

A former cop moves into a new home with his wife. The cop thinks that their closest neighbor is a creepy guy, and he starts to suspect that this creepy neighbor might be a serial killer.

I think director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has begun to find his way back to old form. He is still a bit uneven, but if you have seen Real (2013), you can see and feel that he is on the right track again. He is a master at creating a tense and unsettling atmosphere when he has something good to work with.

And I liked Creepy. It’s a movie that can be annoying considering how silly the cops and the characters are, but the atmosphere is good and the actor who is playing the creepy neighbor is amazing.

But there are things I didn’t quite understand, especially the relationship between the creepy neighbor and the wife of the former cop. There are things that happen here with these two that I didn’t understand at all. When they are together, the movie does not show us enough to explain the relationship they have.

The characters in the movie are not exactly characters with a lot of content, they are for the most part one-dimensional.

But the dark and tense atmosphere that characterizes Kiyoshi Kurosawa as a movie director is certainly present. This is a movie that has several big holes in terms of the story, but the most important thing is that the movie was engaging. And even though the characters are dumb, this is an entertaining journey that I never felt got boring. But this is a movie that leaves many questions and not enough answers.

Rating: 7/10

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