Satan’s Slaves (2017) – English Review

A family feels that something strange is about to happen when the mother in the family dies. Has she played with dark powers?

Satan’s Slaves is an Indonesian horror movie that doesn’t have anything new to offer. We follow a family of six, they turn into five when the mother dies and the family begins to see a strange figure in the house that scares them. Who is this figure, is it their late mother or is it Donald Trump who is strolling around the house?

One can call Satan’s Slaves a generic horror movie that has no surprising scenes. It tries at least to create a tense atmosphere, and it partially succeeds with that. Most of the action takes place inside the spooky house, and this house is a bit worn and ugly, which of course helps to create a little extra and free atmosphere.

The characters are not well written. I couldn’t care less about them, nor did I feel that the movie was able to create anything special in terms of what’s happening with the family. As a viewer, I like to take part in a journey where you have many questions when the movie holds back the answers. But I didn’t feel that I got a reward when the movie was finished.

The movie introduces a few characters that the family has contact with, so the universe is small and I felt that the movie never managed to build stone upon stone and then end with a real climax.

Satan’s Slaves has a cool and appealing title, but this is not a graphic movie. It’s a movie that aims to scare the viewers with the atmosphere, and with a figure that appears in the house. It manages to create some tense atmosphere, but it’s not that scary. I was expecting more of this movie. In my opinion, it’s a movie that is overhyped and overrated.

Rating: 4/10

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