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Sun and Concrete (2023) – English Review

A group of friends living in a poor and rough neighborhood ends up in trouble after a fight where one of them must pay a gang member money that he doesn’t have. So now, the group of friends must try to get hold of the money, and that means they have to do something illegal, which will cause them more problems. Will their bad luck soon turn around, or are they doomed? Continue reading “Sun and Concrete (2023) – English Review”

Snake Eyes (2021) – English Review

A boy who has now turned into a man is out for revenge. Someone killed his dad right in front of his eyes. This leads him to Japan, and there he will be trained by a ninja clan. Will he use what he learns to find and kill the man who killed his father, or will he let his anger vanish? Continue reading “Snake Eyes (2021) – English Review”

When Evil Lurks (2023) – English Review

Two idiotic brothers try to get rid of an evil demon trapped in a sexy man’s body. However, being losers, they create hell on earth for the people they love when they attempt to remove the sexy man from his home. So, who do you think will win? The two idiots, or the demon? Continue reading “When Evil Lurks (2023) – English Review”

In the Realm of the Senses (1976): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English

This is a movie commentary and movie review of In the Realm of the Senses (1976). Continue reading “In the Realm of the Senses (1976): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English”

So Close (2002) – English Review

We follow two sisters who work as assassins. Well, one of them is the killer, while the other one sits in front of the computer, and she is smoking HOT!! After their last mission, trouble will come knocking on their door. A female cop, who believes she is a man, is aggressive and on their tail, and an evil man wants them dead. Continue reading “So Close (2002) – English Review”

The Moon (2023) – English Review

Don’t send Koreans to the moon. There is a chance they will need help from the evil Westerners, but NASA is not stretching out their hand. So we need social media to help the trapped Korean astronaut who is stuck on the moon. Continue reading “The Moon (2023) – English Review”