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The Macabre Case of Prompiram (2003) – English Review


The year is 1977, and a woman is found raped and murdered. Two cops investigate the case, and it turns out to be quite a grotesque case that will destroy a small village with horny men.

The Macabre Case of Prompiram is based on true events that took place in 1977. The movie starts with that we see the murdered woman, and then the two cops investigate the case.

The story is pretty wild, but considering that we are in the countryside, it’s not that shocking when you think about how few brain cells that country bumpkins have. Many of the country bumpkins are so disgusting and simpleminded, so it’s not so shocking to see what happens to the poor woman. And I guess 95% of them are inbred too!

A large group of men gang-raped the poor woman. I think I could count around 25 horny inbreds. Maybe I reveal too much, but this is a true story, so I don’t care.

The big problem is that when she is raped, some scenes, unfortunately, turn into comedy scenes when horny, ugly inbreds throw off their clothes to rape a mildly retarded woman. It’s not supposed to be funny, but the way they have shot the scenes makes it so.

Towards the end, I sat with the feeling that they never should have made a movie about this incident. The movie has problems with involuntary comedy. When the case is closed, the movie is finished telling the story. Where is the closure?

I don’t think I saw what happened to the pathetic rapists and the murderer. What happened to the politicians? I think it was politicians. And of course, an evil politician rat shows up, and he makes life miserable for the investigators.

If you’re going to make a movie about such a horrible incident, take it seriously and skip the cartoon characters that show up when they rape the poor woman! It’s disturbing to see such characters in a movie that’s based on true events! Fucking country bumpkins!


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