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Samurai Hustle (2014) – English Review

Will they make it?

A clan must reach Edo in 5 days. They must meet the shogun because he thinks they withheld some information about a gold mine. This trip usually takes 8 days, so they must find shortcuts and fool the people who work for the shogun. If they don’t make it within five days, then their clan will be killed!

Samurai Hustle starts out as a light comedy where we follow the clan who must meet the shogun. They must cheat on the way, and after a while, some assassins show up and Samurai Hustle becomes more serious.

I didn’t feel that there was anything special with Samurai Hustle. It has some funny moments, but there are several subplots that kill the pace. I especially didn’t like the scenes with the clan leader and the woman. I found those scenes boring and uninteresting.

The problem with movies like Samurai Hustle is that they fail to engage the viewers. We all know how this will end, and the more serious stuff didn’t fit in. Samurai Hustle is also 30 minutes too long, the pace is uneven and there are some scenes that drag out.


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