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Sleep (2023) – English Review

Protect the child!

A couple is enjoying their life, but it turns into a nightmare when the husband starts sleepwalking, and the wife is afraid he might harm their newborn baby. They must find a solution to this problem, but the wife is becoming paranoid and believes that maybe a ghost is tormenting them. Is there some truth in her suspicions, or is the woman crazy, as many mothers are when they have just had a baby?

Reviewing this movie is challenging. I liked it, but it’s not for everyone since it doesn’t provide much information about the ghost buildup. It felt a little cheap, and while the ending was just okay, I didn’t like the ghost angle. It didn’t feel right after the first half that built up the wife’s paranoia when the husband is sleepwalking and he is becoming more aggressive. The ghost theory doesn’t work when there is no real buildup to support it.

The acting is good, and it’s interesting to see how paranoid the wife becomes when she refuses to leave her husband. She and he are determined to stick together and live together no matter what. That is her way of living. She isn’t a quitter, but because of that mentality, she is driving herself insane when she sees the husband as a threat because of his sleepwalking. And she is sort of right, but leave him? No!

Most of the plot takes place inside their apartment, so there’s not much variety in “Sleep.” It’s an enclosed movie that relies on the actors’ abilities, and they are good.

“Sleep” is a movie that keeps you interested and entertained. However, the ending fell flat, and I found myself wondering what would happen next, as someone should spend a long time in the asylum. Someone needs to be punished, which means that the family can’t be whole. I’ll stop there.

Rating: 6/10

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