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Terrified (2017) aka Aterrados – English Review

The creepy boy.

A man witnesses something inexplicable happening to his girlfriend, and a group of three contacts him, telling him they believe what he says. Now they are trying to solve the mystery, but it will not be easy. Who is the naked man who keeps appearing? Is he a bum or a nudist? Who is this creepy pervert?

Terrified is an Argentinian horror movie that can be compared to the first Paranormal Activity movie and the first The Conjuring movie. I am a big fan of both movies.

Terrified offers a lot of scary and uncomfortable scenes, and the runtime is not that long, so the movie never gets boring. However, the biggest weakness is the characters; we never get to know them, so we don’t care much about them.

But the most important thing is that the movie offers intense scenes and mystery, and Terrified delivers effectively. There is a particularly creepy scene with a young boy that I have not experienced in several years. It is a fantastic scene!

The universe is small; the plot takes place in some houses in a neighborhood. I like movies like this that shrink the universe to a house or a building, but I wish the characters had more depth. Who are they?

We never get an answer to the mystery, which is fine. Just look at what happened to the Paranormal Activity series and all the disappointing sequels that followed the successful first movie. So, I hope Terrified never gets a sequel because I like that we never get an answer to anything. At least the movie is scary and intense!

If you enjoy scary movies with intense and strange scenes, Terrified is a movie you have to watch!

Rating: 8/10

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