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Peninsula (2020) – English Review

South Korea has lost the battle against the zombies, so those who survived have fled to other countries. But some people are searching for a truck that contains a large sum of money. A small group travels from Hong Kong to South Korea to find this truck. But not everyone will come back alive! Continue reading “Peninsula (2020) – English Review”

Decision to Leave (2022) – English Review

A cop suspects that a woman has killed her husband, but he can’t prove it. After a while, they develop feelings for each other, and that will create problems for the married cop. Continue reading “Decision to Leave (2022) – English Review”

The Battleship Island (2017) – English Review

Hundreds of Koreans are trying to escape from an island controlled by the evil Japanese. They are forced to dig for coal, but the war is soon over and now the bad and cowardly Japanese also wants to erase all traces of them being there. Continue reading “The Battleship Island (2017) – English Review”