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Peninsula (2020) – English Review

South Korea has lost the battle against the zombies, so those who survived have fled to other countries. But some people are searching for a truck that contains a large sum of money. A small group travels from Hong Kong to South Korea to find this truck. But not everyone will come back alive!

Peninsula is the sequel to Train to Busan. Train to Busan was a decent entertainment movie that almost everybody loved. Peninsula is directed by the same director who directed Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho. But we are following new characters who are out on their own journey.

This is a turd of a movie. It’s a movie that fails to engage. It’s devoid of charm and suspense. Imagine a South Korean version of Escape from New York and Mad Max. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Yes, it does. But the script is shit!

There are so many problems with this shitty movie. You follow characters you don’t care about. It has annoying kids playing with remote-controlled cars, and the movie has silly villain characters that are damn annoying.

The character gallery consists of clowns who look like they come from a kindergarten play where they play pirates. And the old military man feels like he’s in the wrong movie. What a useless character! Just die old, man! Die! Die-hard, you useless clown! Old fart!

I have never felt that Asian countries have made post-apocalyptic movies that don’t feel silly. They have a lot to learn from western movies. Why on earth do they create characters that aren’t intimidating? Why do they have to create clown characters who wear ridiculous clothes and have hairstyles from hell? It feels like they’re trying to play white characters, for Christ’s sake! This is wrong! I’m embarrassed on behalf of the South Koreans! What the hell are you doing? Don’t play white characters! Play Korean characters! What’s wrong with you? Oh, I think we have to blame the Americans. South Korea has an identity problem.

Considering how successful Train to Busan was, I expected that the sequel would deliver larger and better action scenes and that it would visually look better and more expensive. But Peninsula disappoints again. It’s only in a few scenes that it visually looks good, and you feel that you are in a place that no one wants to live. But then we get to see some car chases that don’t use practical effects. Here come the CGI vehicles, and it looks so fake! Even modern computer games look much better than this shit! What are they thinking? This looks so bad!

The only thing that worked was an important scene toward the end when it seemed like all hope was gone for one character. It was the only scene that made me stare at the screen without looking at the ceiling. Everything else is rubbish!

I think this is the worst movie from 2020 I have seen. It does everything wrong. How could this piece of shit script get the green light?

Rating: 1/10

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