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All Night Long II (1995) – English Review

A young man is harassed, and he is forced to pay money to a sadistic gang led by a gay man who is in love with the man they are harassing. The young man meets a person on the Internet who can help him, and they agree to meet. Will he get help to take up the fight against the insane and sadistic gang?

There have been quite a few movies in this series, and I was surprised that I liked the first movie. All Night Long 2 has the same director who directed the first movie, and I think he has directed all the movies in the series.

All Night Long 2 is not as good as the first movie. As expected, All Night Long 2 is much more grotesque, and it focuses more on graphic violence. It wants to shock you, and it shows us a dirty bedsheet that is quite disgusting after the gang has been rough with a young woman. She needs to use a diaper for a long time because the feces on the bedsheet is disgusting! That bedsheet has burned into my memory. But the smell, it’s probably great! I would love to take a good sniff! Sniff that fish in!

The antagonist and his sadistic gang are evil and insane. Imagine the gang in A Clockwork Orange and multiply it by 10! They are wild animals, and they take us back to the first movie when the young woman was raped. They love to inflict pain and humiliate their victims.

The actors are decent, but it is not a movie that demands much of them. They are not exactly impressive. The script in the first movie is much better, so the actors in that movie got a lot more to work with.

The protagonist who is a coward is falling apart at the seams. He experiences things that are not good for the human mind, and you just wait for him to lose control. You know something will happen considering everything he has seen and experienced. Will he become a killing machine?

I thought I would hate the movie, which I did not. It is not as good as the first movie, but it is a fascinating movie when the characters are as insane as they are. I ended up in a kind of trance. The movie is so wild, and I love wild movies. But it’s not a movie for everyone, I can promise you that! This is a filthy movie, and someone needs to taste my whip! They have been bad, bad boys! And I’m gonna whip them till they shit themselves!

Rating: 6/10

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