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A Record of Sweet Murder (2014) – English Review

A journalist and a cameraman are going to meet a wanted man who has killed many people. They are meeting him in an old apartment where the killer is going to explain what he’s doing. Are these two safe when they are alone with an insane killer? Continue reading “A Record of Sweet Murder (2014) – English Review”

Death’s Game (2023) – English Review

A man has had enough of his life. He can’t handle the blows to the stomach that life gives him, and he jumps off a building and dies. When he wakes up, a sexy woman in black tells him that his suffering isn’t over yet. This sexy woman is Death! He is going to die 13 more times, and then his real suffering will begin if he doesn’t survive in one of the bodies he takes over. If he loses, hell awaits him. Let the game begin! Continue reading “Death’s Game (2023) – English Review”

Mother (2009) – English Review


A young woman is found killed, and the police suspect that there’s a mentally challenged man who’s the perpetrator. He lives with his mother, and they have a slightly dark past together. The mother will do anything she can to free her son. Because she’s sure that he didn’t kill the young woman. Continue reading “Mother (2009) – English Review”

My Name (2021) – English Review

A woman is out for revenge after her father was killed. A close friend of her deceased father is a powerful gangster, and he and her father were best friends. She starts working for this gangster, and he tells her that a cop killed her father. After some years, she joins the police to find her father’s killer. Continue reading “My Name (2021) – English Review”

An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) – English Review

We follow some people who are depressed, and many of them find no meaning to live anymore. Some are young, others are old, and on their journey, they will cross paths. Continue reading “An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) – English Review”

The Man Standing Next (2020) – English Review

One of the president’s closest men doesn’t like what he sees when the president is under great pressure and makes choices that are not best for the nation. The Americans want the president replaced, so now it’s up to this man to have the President removed from his position. Continue reading “The Man Standing Next (2020) – English Review”

The Black House (1999) – English Review

the black house

An insurance agent gets in trouble with a couple of crazy clients who will do anything to get some insurance money after their son committed suicide while the insurance agent was visiting them. Continue reading “The Black House (1999) – English Review”