Dead or Alive (1999) – English Review

dead or alive

A small group of criminals is wreaking havoc in the city, and a cop is trying to raise money because his daughter needs a necessary operation. Fortsett å lese «Dead or Alive (1999) – English Review»

The Bridge Curse (2020) – English Review

A group of students is playing with fire when they decide to test out a ghost legend where a girl became very sad and drowned herself in the lake. And now she is haunting this area. It’s said that if you go up the stairs to the bridge at midnight, an extra step will appear. And you better not turn your head and look behind you, because there can be a ghost behind you! Is this just nonsense, or is it true? Fortsett å lese «The Bridge Curse (2020) – English Review»

Forgiven Children (2020) – English Review

We follow a teenage boy who was previously a victim of bullying. Now he has become the bully. One day he kills another boy with a crossbow, and he and his little gang are in a terrible situation. But he gets away with it. Now he’s a hated person, and his parents aren’t so popular either. So now they have to move around. Because there’s always someone who finds out where they live, and then the mob comes to their home and harasses them. Fortsett å lese «Forgiven Children (2020) – English Review»

Birthday (2019) – English Review

We follow a family of three who has lost their oldest son in a tragic ferry accident. His father has just returned to South Korea from Vietnam, where he worked. Now, a support group is trying to celebrate their son’s birthday, but the mother is not playing along as she is still in shock and morning. Fortsett å lese «Birthday (2019) – English Review»

Friend Zone (2019) – English Review

A woman and a man have been friends for many years. Now the man wonders if he should open up and tell her he’s in love with her and take the next step. But the woman has found another man, so he is too late. But will there be another chance? Fortsett å lese «Friend Zone (2019) – English Review»

One Day We’ll Talk About Today (2020) – English Review

We follow a family consisting of two adults and three adult children. They carry a secret that not all of the children in the family know about. But now the time has come to reveal it when the youngest daughter is in a rebellious phase. Fortsett å lese «One Day We’ll Talk About Today (2020) – English Review»

Sex and Zen (1991) – English Review

A man loves to have sex, and he doesn’t care about his new wife as long as he can have sex with the women he wants. But one-day karma will knock on his door, something he doesn’t think will happen. Fortsett å lese «Sex and Zen (1991) – English Review»

Ashfall (2019) – English Review

A volcano is in the process of destroying all of Korea, and a scientist has a crazy idea where a group will try to blow up a mine near the volcano with some nuclear warheads. The problem is that they must do this in North Korea and close to the Chinese border! And they must also steal nuclear warheads from the North Koreans! What a mess! Fortsett å lese «Ashfall (2019) – English Review»

Ashfall (2019)

En vulkan er i ferd med å ødelegge hele Korea, og en forsker får en glup ide der en gruppe skal forsøke å sprenge vulkanen med noen atomstridshoder. Problemet er at dette må gjøres i Nord-Korea og på grensen mot Kina! Og de må også stjele atomstridshoder fra nordkoreanerne! For et kaos! Fortsett å lese «Ashfall (2019)»