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The Congo Murders (2018) – English Review

Two Norwegians travel to Congo, only one returns home.

Making a movie about Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland was just nonsense! The movie wasn’t well-received, as it has no new information that the media hasn’t covered. What the movie shows us is something we all know if you were interested in this case. Joshua French is a man who you can’t trust. He has the name of a Bond villain, and the vibe you get from the guy is that he isn’t a good person!

Two Norwegians who work as mercenaries travel to Congo where they get a mission. Under the mission, the driver is killed. The Congo authorities say Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland killed the driver, and they are sentenced to death. But the Norwegians have another explanation where they say that someone started shooting at them out of nowhere, and a bullet hit the driver. So who tells the truth?

I never cared about Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland. I didn’t care if they came home in a coffin or not. They seemed very unsympathetic and immature, and the movie just confirms my feelings I have about them.

There’s no reason we should care about them in the movie. They are cold, self-absorbed and high on themselves. They don’t seem like good people at all, so why should we care about them? I don’t care if they are Norwegians. They seem like bad people, and I didn’t want them to return home to Norway.

The authorities in Congo were just out for money. And, strangely, no one can answer if the driver was shot with a shotgun to the head. If he was, I would think that would leave a lot of mess in the car, which you can’t see from the creepy picture that was taken. So I guess that leaves the shotgun out of the case?

Then we have a mysterious gun that has never been found. So we have two foolish Norwegians in Congo and the corrupt authorities that no one takes seriously. We don’t need more clowns in the world when we have two Norwegian mercenaries who visit Congo and their brain dead leaders!

As mentioned, the movie doesn’t offer any new information. This is a tedious and lifeless movie that took me back in time when Norwegian movies were as interesting as watching paint dry.

Aksel Hennie and Tobias Santelmann are good in their roles, but it helps so little when there’s no new information and the movie feels so empty. I got the feeling that the production company only was out to earn some easy money with this lifeless movie.

The movie is so lazy that it doesn’t give us information about how many years have passed when we see the main characters get thinner and sicker. It smells laziness of the whole movie because it’s hard to tell how many years have passed since they were arrested. Was it so hard to give us a specific timeline?

There is no reason to make a movie like this when we will never get an answer to what really happened in Congo. And Joshua French, go back to Congo! Creepy Bond-villain!

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