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I Fell in Love Like a Flower Bouquet (2021) aka We Made a Beautiful Bouquet – English Review

A young man and woman are happy after they found each other, and love is blossoming. But now it’s time to take a step into the world of adults where boring jobs are waiting for them. And that will test the relationship that they believe is rock solid. Continue reading “I Fell in Love Like a Flower Bouquet (2021) aka We Made a Beautiful Bouquet – English Review”

Our Departures (2018) – English Review

A young woman must take care of a young boy who kind of becomes a stepson to her when his father dies. They visit the grandfather of the boy. The only problem is that the grandfather doesn’t know that his son has died, and he didn’t know that he had a grandson. Continue reading “Our Departures (2018) – English Review”

I Am a Hero (2015) – English Review

After a zombie outbreak, a manga artist must now man up and become a real man and hero. He meets a teenage girl on the road, and they try to survive. Will they meet other survivors, and if can they trust them? Continue reading “I Am a Hero (2015) – English Review”

Before the Coffe Gets Cold (2018) – English Review

There’s something very special about a small café. If the guest sits down in a special place and is served hot coffee, they can travel back in time, but they cannot change the past. But they can say goodbye to those who stood them close. The main thing is that the coffee can not get cold, because then things will go wrong for the person who has traveled back to the past. Continue reading “Before the Coffe Gets Cold (2018) – English Review”