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I Am a Hero (2015) – English Review

After a zombie outbreak, a manga artist must now man up and become a real man and hero. He meets a teenage girl on the road, and they try to survive. Will they meet other survivors, and if can they trust them?

I expected much more from I Am a Hero. I expected more creativity and fun. I and probably many others have once again become bored with zombies, so it takes something special for a zombie movie to engage me.

But there’s too much dead time in I Am a Hero. It’s the usual journey where a cowardly man spends most of the movie’s runtime becoming a real man and not just a spectator. But this is something I’ve seen in a lot of movies, so what else has I Am a Hero to offer?

The unique thing about I Am a Hero is that the zombies have a partial memory so they repeat the last thing they remember they loved or had as a job when they were human. But very few of these zombies stand out. The only one is the high jumper who’s the movie’s big highlight. Without him, the movie would have been boring, and I found the movie boring before he showed up. But he doesn’t get much screen time, it’s only for a few minutes.

What surprised me the most was that the zombies in I Am a Hero looks very good and I can’t complain about the special effects. Although there are a few scenes here with some mediocre CGI. But it looks like they spent a lot of time on make-up effects because the zombies look great.

I Am a Hero, had so much more potential had the creators behind the movie been more creative. It could have stood out so much more in this genre if it had avoided all the clichés and a partially empty character who is the schoolgirl. She isn’t an interesting character at all when something happens to her, even though she’s a kind of driving factor for the protagonist.

The pace is too slow, and the movie offers very few surprises. When the protagonist meets a larger group of survivors, the pace slows too much down. Then the adventure is over and you feel you’ve seen this in so many other and better movies.

Rating: 4/10

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