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Licorice Pizza (2021) – English Review

A teenager falls in love with a woman who’s about 10 years older than him. They experience much together, but are they meant to be together?

All movie nerds always get excited when Paul Thomas Anderson releases a new movie. This time he has made a romantic comedy taking place in the 70s, just like Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. If you have seen Punch Drunk Love, you know that he also can make these types of movies.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was my favorite actor, but we all know what happened to him. So it felt special to see his son debut in Licorice Pizza, and he has one of the leading roles in Licorice Pizza. It must have been pretty brutal to have your actor debut in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. Not only does he look like his father, but it seems he has much of the same acting talent. So I keep my fingers crossed! This is a young man that’s going to be interesting to follow.

Then we have Alana Haim. This is also her movie debut, and she steals the show. She feels very natural, just like Cooper Hoffman. So these two together are gold! I love her fierce energy. She’s so full of life, and you feel that she’s searching for something, but she never finds what she’s searching for. Or?

Licorice Pizza is a great movie if you like movies like Dazed and Confused. The teenager and the woman experience a lot of things together on their journey. The woman lives a directionless life, while the teenager isn’t afraid to take chances. The funny thing is that towards the end, it feels like you are watching a sort of break up with an old married couple who has been married for 40 years. I loved that scene!

This is a relaxing movie that will make you smile. I enjoyed this journey and especially the acting. So if you are a fan of Dazed and Confused, you should check out this movie.

Rating: 8/10

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