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One for the Road (2021) – English Review

A dying man contacts his best friend, who he hasn’t talked to with lately. He asks his friend if he can drive him around so that he can visit his former girlfriends and say farewell. His best friend agrees, so off they go.

One for the Road is a good movie about a dying man who regrets some things he’s done in his life, and he also carries a heavy secret that his friend doesn’t know about. So his friend drives him around in his father’s old car who’s dead, and he visits old girlfriends. We see what happened in his past and to his girlfriends, and he’s not a perfect man. I can tell you that!

But then after 80 minutes, the movie changes focus. Then it’s the best friend who’s driving the car that’s in the spotlight. It turns out that the dying friend has a demon from the past that haunts him, and he can’t say farewell to his best friend before he tries to fix the problems he caused. But what did he do?

One for the Road is an interesting movie about friendship and relationships. It’s a movie that plays a lot of well-known pop songs, and you feel relaxed while watching One for the Road. The actors also do a great job. The two friends are selfish in my eyes, but they will open their eyes to their mistakes when they take this road trip.

One for the Road is a good movie that is aimed at the more mature viewers. It’s also produced by the master himself, Wong Kar-wai. The runtime is around 136 minutes, but I never felt the long runtime, so that’s a quality sign in my eyes.

Rating: 7/10

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