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When Evil Lurks (2023) – English Review

Two idiotic brothers try to get rid of an evil demon trapped in a sexy man’s body. However, being losers, they create hell on earth for the people they love when they attempt to remove the sexy man from his home. So, who do you think will win? The two idiots, or the demon?

The director behind “When Evil Lurks” made one of the best horror movies from the last decade, “Terrified” (2017). I love that movie, and the hype surrounding “When Evil Lurks” really excited me.

This demon movie has excellent cinematography and score, and the atmosphere is dark and chilling. I love the sequence when the protagonist visits his ex-wife, and he’s about to take his kids to a safer place to get away from the demon they tried to get rid of. The scene with the dog and the girl is so cool and creepy. The score is so darn good when the protagonist is stressed out.

The movie has several atmospheric scenes, but I felt that the pacing was a little off. I wish the movie could have been a little shorter like “Terrified,” and that it had at least two more atmospheric and creepy scenes.

My problem with the movie is the protagonist. He is not a bright man. He is damaged goods, and his intelligence is also damaged. The movie tells us some rules you must follow that will make life easier for the people who are trying to get rid of the demon. But the protagonist does the opposite all the time. He is so unbelievably stupid, and I ended up hating this selfish, broken idiot.

If you like graphic violence and practical effects, “When Evil Lurks” covers your needs. It doesn’t offer a splatter fest. We see the injuries up close, which is effective without the movie going overboard with blood and gore. It feels more realistic that way, which makes it creepier. Good stuff!

If you haven’t watched “Terrified” or “When Evil Lurks,” then you should do that right now! This director is really great at creating an unsettling atmosphere, and “When Evil Lurks” is beautifully shot. I would say I prefer “Terrified” because it was hard to sit and watch the protagonist that I personally wanted to kill myself. God, the man is stupid and stubborn. He believes he has the answer to every question, and that everyone should follow him. He’s not a born leader; he’s a born idiot, and the world is a better place without him.

Rating: 7/10

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