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Deadstream (2022) – English Review

What can go wrong when an idiot of a streamer visits a haunted house?

Deadstream is a comedy-horror that follows in the footsteps of Evil Dead II. The protagonist is an obnoxious man who has been kicked off almost every social media platform, and he’s trying to save his fame by visiting a haunted house.

He live streams the event, and most people believe nothing will happen. He tells some stories about who lived in the house, and what happened in the house. As a viewer, you know that most of the characters he talks about will appear. The house is indeed haunted.

Joseph Winter is funny as the protagonist who’s an idiot. Remember that this is a movie with a small budget, and it impressed me with how much they got out of the little budget. Deadstream is an Evil Dead II clone and a pretty good and modern one too.

The runtime is perfect, but there’s a section where the movie takes a break when the protagonist is in his car. I wasn’t a big fan of that section since the pace and buildup were perfect until that point. But after that, the pace picks up. And I loved the finger-in-the-nose scenes. I just wish that the hot demon woman could have had more screen time. She can pick my nose every day if she wants to, as long as she cuts her long fingernails.

Out of the modern-found footage horror movies, Deadstream is one of the best ones. The ending was a little weak, but who knows? Maybe we will get a sequel?

Rating: 7/10

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