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12 Suicidal Teens (2019) – English Review

Twelve teenagers meet at an abandoned hospital. They’re going to commit group suicide. But when they arrive at the place where they intend to end their days, there is already a dead person there. Who is this person, and why do these twelve want to die? Fortsett å lese «12 Suicidal Teens (2019) – English Review»

The Snow White Murder Case (2014) – English Review

A woman is found murdered in a forest. She’s been stabbed several times, and her body has been burned. The media are covering the case, and they believe they know who was behind the murder. But is this person guilty? Fortsett å lese «The Snow White Murder Case (2014) – English Review»

Mourning Grave (2014) – English Review

A teenage boy that can see ghosts moves back to his hometown. He’s a kind person, so he helps ghosts that need his help. At the same time, he must try to stop a killing spree. It turns out that there’s a vindictive ghost that kills selected students in his class. Who is this evil ghost? Fortsett å lese «Mourning Grave (2014) – English Review»

The Brain Man (2013) – English Review

The police are looking for terrorists who make bombs and kills innocent people. The police believe they have found the person behind it all, but a psychiatrist has her doubts when she finds out there is something special about the man that the police have arrested. He has no emotions, and he cannot feel any sort of pain. Is he a superhero? Fortsett å lese «The Brain Man (2013) – English Review»

A Hard Day (2014) – English Review

A corrupt cop gets in trouble when he runs over and kills a person. Now he must first get rid of the corpse, but it’s easier said than done when everything goes wrong for the unfortunate policeman. When he first thinks it’s all over, an unknown man shows up and makes his life miserable. Fortsett å lese «A Hard Day (2014) – English Review»

Sea Fog (2014) – English Review

A group of fishermen needs money, so they get a job they haven’t done before. They must smuggle some immigrants from China over to South Korea. But something goes horribly wrong on this trip. Fortsett å lese «Sea Fog (2014) – English Review»