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In Our Prime (2022) – English Review

A student has problems with math, but then he discovers that the security guard who works for the school is a math genius. Can they help each other out and take the next step into the future? Or will their past hold them back?

We follow a student who comes from a poor home, while most of the other students at the school come from wealthy homes. He has gotten the chance to study at the private school through a welfare program, I think it was. He’s pretty smart, this young man. But he has enormous problems with math.

His teacher wants him gone since he ruins the class statistics or something like that. He can’t hire a private teacher, so he’s in big trouble. He’s about to give up, but then he meets a security guard who escaped from North Korea. But this is a man with many secrets, and he tutors the student so he can get better at math.

In Our Prime is a movie about friendship, secrets, and redemption. Most of us have seen a couple of movies in this genre, and In Our Prime is a safe movie for the whole family. It has that Hollywood warmth, but it also adds in some corruption and that nasty stuff since we are in South Korea. The private school isn’t a good place with selfish teachers. Welcome to South Korea!

Choi Min-sik plays the math genius, and I don’t have to say that he’s excellent, do I? As a viewer, you feel comfortable around him. He’s a little cold at the start of the movie, but then he opens up, and you feel you are hanging around with your smart grandfather. He will teach you things you need to become a better man, you know!

In Our Prime isn’t a movie you have to watch. You are not missing anything if you skip it. So the only reason to watch it is if you are a fan of the eminent Choi Min-sik.

Rating: 6/10

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