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Radio Star (2006) – English Review

radio star

Radio or music, or both?

A burnt-out rock star becomes a radio host, and he’s gaining popularity again. He’s always had a close relationship with his manager, who has always been there for him. But after 20 years, it might be time to part ways. Will, they split up, or is their bond too strong?

I have to say that South Korean movies got better towards the end of 2006. It was not the over-saturated gangster movies that saved the year, but the drama movies.

Radio Star is a little gem where we follow a burnt-out rock star who constantly ends up in trouble but who’s always saved by his manager. They are more dependent on each other than they think, but the rock star doesn’t show gratitude for everything his manager does for him. You don’t know how good you have until you lose it, something the rock star will experience.

Genre is comedy-drama. There are some funny scenes here, but comedy is not the strongest point of the movie. The strongest point is the characters in the movie and the small and strange town where most of them live.

But this isn’t the deepest movie. The characters never open up, and it doesn’t seem like they have much to tell us. This isn’t a movie with deep characters. But it has a heart-warming story to tell of two men who have worked together for many years, and one of them has sacrificed a great deal to stand by his client and friend.

Radio Star is a well-made movie with a lot of charm and emotions. The actors who play the two protagonists, Park Joong-hoon and Ahn Sung-kee, are two solid actors who are in complete control. Radio Star also has a good soundtrack. The song that the rock star is known for is beautiful and is a song that you normally like the first time you hear it. It just clicks.

The only negative thing I can say about Radio Star is the ending. I didn’t feel it was right. Otherwise, Radio Star is a wonderful movie that offers a lot of heart and warmth and a fantastic song!

Rating: 7/10

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