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Ragnarok: Season 1 – English Review

A mother and her two sons move to a small town. It doesn’t take long before one of the sons discovers that he’s getting stronger. Is he the mighty Thor with the hammer? That’s what we call him in Norway! Tor med hammeren!

The first season consists of 6 episodes. This is a Norwegian fantasy series that focuses on Norse mythology. I loved the first four episodes where we follow the protagonist who’s a strange, young man. He’s big. He’s a young Brock Lesnar, but he’s not the type of person who speaks a lot. He’s more reserved. But after an accident where a student died, he investigates the wealthy family in the town. And what he discovers is frightening! It turns out they have lived for a long time!

The first four episodes are fantastic where it feels like you’re watching a great Twilight series with a lot of mystery and character development. I hate the whole Twilight universe, and I have seen all of the movies! And since we are in Norway, we get to see some beautiful nature. And the images of the nature create a more unsettling atmosphere.

The series focuses on the school environment and the wealthy family who controls the town. But that’s until the mysterious protagonist appears in the small town. They suspect that he is a God, which means that he’s their enemy. So this feels like a mix of fantasy and crime investigation.

There’s some focus on environmental issues, which is boring. But this doesn’t mean much in this series as it’s about the protagonist’s fight against the immortal family. So the protagonist needs some help along the way to find some dirt on this family and expose them. And the key to exposing them has something to do with pollution.

But after four episodes, the series messes it up. It starts with a dog, followed by a secret in the mountain. The protagonist isn’t stupid, but he’s damn stupid when he does most things wrong when he speaks too much with adults who are unfortunately stereotypical characters. The police, the teachers, and the world’s worst school psychologist are horrible written characters. It’s frustrating to spend time with these blind idiots!

And you have to ask yourself why the protagonist doesn’t show them how strong he has become. No one believes him, so why doesn’t he prove to them he can throw things several kilometers and that he’s the world’s fastest man?

Although the last two episodes offer a lot of frustration, this is a solid season that builds up the central characters slowly, which I like. But the protagonist isn’t exploring his powers in this season. There’s only in a few scenes he tests out his new powers.

Rating: 8/10

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